from by Robert Lindsay Nathan

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A few years before I put pen to paper on this song I had read an essay by Murray Rothbard on banking. It changed my view of the world in so many ways, and led be down a rabbit hole from which there is no return.

After Rothbard there was much more reading on this topic, including Ellen Brown's book "Web of Debt" and G. Edward Griffin's book "The Creature from Jekyll Island".

The knowledge that I gained from these and many other writings was the inspiration for this song as they pulled back the curtain on something that has been hidden from my view but has always been in plain sight.


Rumpelstiltskin Men
(Ode to the Grifters)
Copyright 2010 Robert Lindsay Nathan


G Em Bm G7(3) C Cm G G7
C Cm G Em Am7 D7sus D7 G C D

G Em
I just thought I’d mention
Bm G7
Please pay your abject attention
C Cm
To the man behind the curtain
G Em
On this I’m fairly certain
He's a Rumpelstiltskin man

He is no wizard of the ounce
Stands idly by to spring and pounce
On all your love and labor
Grift you with a piece of paper.
That Rumpelstiltskin man.

Bankstesrs, pranksters, politicians
G Em
Advertise that they’re magicians
Prognosticating as they stall
Am7 D7sus D7
Their house of cards is doomed to fall.

I knew something surely stank
As I peered into that marbled bank
For every Oz that I put in
Wiz leveraged it from one to ten
Those Rumpelstilskin men

And then he turned behind my back
And launched a clever sneak attack
With the puppet politician
He insured his lame positions.
Those Rumpelstiltskin men


G Em

As Wiz’s leveraged Oz rolls in
Bm G7
He’ll sow nothing and pretend
C Cm
The pyramid will never end
G Em
These neo Rumpelstiltskin men
C Cm
That’s the slant that Wiz will spin
G Em
Don’t bank on Wiz he is no friend
Those Rumpelstiltskin men

G Em Bm G7
Somewhere, under their house
C Cm G G7
Of cards there’s glue
C Cm G Em
Binding puny paper props
Am7 D7sus D7 G C D
With I Owe You’s

It wouldn’t be my fault
If I became John Galt
C D C5add9 Ab G
So why oh why don’t you?


from The Long Road, released April 15, 2016
Robert Lindsay Nathan - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal
Mark Hallman - Drums, Bass, Accordion, harmony
Beth Chrisman and Jenn Miori Hodges- Background Vocals
Andre Moran - Electric Guitar



all rights reserved


Robert Lindsay Nathan Canyon Lake, Texas

Robert Lindsay (Bama) Nathan was born in New Orleans on September 24, 1952. He was raised in Muscle Shoals Alabama and formally educated in Texas (Gig 'em Aggies). He has been writing songs since the early 1970's and has circled the globe playing them.

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