The Long Road

from by Robert Lindsay Nathan

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This was written about my second trip out west, the first having been to the Great Northwest. Another song that I got out of that experience is on this record (Down and out in Dudeville).


The Long Road (All Along)
Copyright 2005 Robert Lindsay Nathan

Cm7 Cm7(add D) Fm7 Fm7(Add D)
Cm7 Cm7(add D) Fm7 Fm7(Add D)

Cm7 Cm7(add D)
I paid off all my debts
Fm7 Fm7(Add D)
With a lifetime of regrets.
Cm7 Cm7(add D)
And I called in all my bets,
Fm7 Fm7(Add D)
On a dream I ain’t had yet.

Dm G
And I hit the open road
C Am
With a pocket full, of empty songs
Dm G
And I told all my friends
C Am
That I wouldn’t be gone to awfully long.
Dm7 G
But my disjointed destiny
C Am
Knows I’m crazy and I don’t belong
Dm G
You should’a been with me all along

So I sit here once again
With paper and a pen
And no rhyme to begin
Or story line to spin

What could be worse,
My languishing life or chaotic verse?
And what came first,
This random route or cantonic curse?
When a candle burns at both ends
No one knows where the story begins
You should’a been with me all along


Am Em
Somewhere on the open range
Am Em
I began to feel a little strange
Dm7 G
The cactus spoke; said “you need to change”
Am Em
I felt my spirit rearrange

So all it took at best
Was this unplanned trip into the west
As the dry air filled my chest
A finally felt my soul at rest

I'd found a new verse
And it's melody began to burst
All about
A new beginning I began to shout
If a candle burns at both ends
Slice it though; a new story begins
I should’a left you long ago


Cm7 Cm7(add D) Fm7 Fm7(Add D) Cm7
Why‘d I keep your memory so damn long?.
Cm7 Cm7(add D) Fm7 Fm7(Add D) Cm7


from The Long Road, released April 15, 2016
Robert Lindsay Nathan - Rhythm and Lead Acoustic guitar, Harmony
Laura Mordecai - Percussion
Mark Hallman - Bass, Accordion
Andre Moran - Lap Steel



all rights reserved


Robert Lindsay Nathan Canyon Lake, Texas

Robert Lindsay (Bama) Nathan was born in New Orleans on September 24, 1952. He was raised in Muscle Shoals Alabama and formally educated in Texas (Gig 'em Aggies). He has been writing songs since the early 1970's and has circled the globe playing them.

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